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A recent addition to the PSC’s portfolio of public events, the online show invites members to submit paintings for display on the web and assessment by the show’s judge for award recognition. The potential for exposure is broader than a gallery-based show due to its virtual format. Members distant from Colorado may participate without the expense of framing and shipping their paintings. Artwork may be sold by the artists with or without a frame, as negotiated with the buyer. Be sure to share the link to the online show with your friends and colleagues. As with all artwork sold through PSC shows, the commission collected by the organization is used to fund cash awards for artists in future exhibitions.



Pastel Society of Colorado Online Show - 2016

Members Only
Online Show 2016

October 17, 2016 - December 17, 2016

Awards Judge: Jennifer Evenhus

Jennifer is a nationally recognized award-winning artist, naturally drawn to patterns, shapes, and movement found in everyday objects and landscapes. She translates those into eye-stopping contemporary impressionist and abstract works of art, capturing their essence with simplification, exaggeration and the bold use of color. Jennifer has the honor of having achieved Pastel Society of America Master Pastelist, International Association of Pastel Societies MasterCircle Member, Northwest Pastel Society Distinguished Pastelist, and Pastel Society of the West Coast Signature Member. Her most recent accolade is the IAPS Master Circle Gold Medal, which she will receive at the IAPS convention in Albuquerque in June 2017. Jennifer is a featured artist in the July/August issue of Pastel Journal, where her painting Golden Reign graces the cover. Her work is also published in American Artist and PSA Pastelagram, and online blogs and sites.


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Best of Show


Reflected Sunlight
by Dennis Rhoades,

"At first glance, this painting took my breath away. There are wonderful transitions here, physical and inferred. The inferred transition between summer and fall. The transition of loose abstract strokes to more precise and measured. The transition from foreground to background and beyond. This is a painting that should be studied. It is a classic example of color harmony, contrast, values and balance. Color harmony is achieved with a limited palette. I think it took me 4 times looking at it, to realize the water was not “blue” but “ochre.” The abstract handling of the background forest is excellent, including the dash of bright blue used to pull your eye up and around and back down to the orange-red tree at the far right, with the trunk pulling your eye back down to the rocks. The shape and weight of the rocks grounds the painting … the purple and brown mid-value rock shapes allow the sun-splashed rocks to take center stage. And take note of the strategically placed dabs of deep orange-red in the rocks – all to balance out that strong tree on the right."
- Jen Evenhaus

First Place


Long Shadows

by Lorraine Trenholm, #213

"This is a stunning, powerful painting. It’s a simple subject made exquisite by light. The time of day could be midnight with a full moon, or a transition from morning to late afternoon after an early winter storm. The colors used are few but effective, accentuated by bold strokes – the orange against blue, the yellow against purple, the light areas overlapping a lively underpainting. The dark areas lead the eye through the painting in a masterful way, and the dark blue sky creates wonderful contrast against the jagged rocks."

- Jen Evenhaus

Second Place


What Comes Around
by Peter Heineman,


"This speaks to my gut. My soul. I love that abstract or non-objective work reveals much about the artist himself or herself. It often reveals the journey taken in a plethora of mark-making. It reveals inner strength or fragility or bravery. This piece reveals emotion simmering just beneath the surface . . . a transition between anger and apathy, between a desert and an ocean, between known and unknown. It leaves me a little uneasy, but I keep coming back to learn more. To explore more."

- Jen Evenhaus

Third Place


Spartina by Eve Miller, #140


"This colorful landscape exemplifies all the magic and scintillation that pastel is capable of. I find the transition between the lively foreground grasses and reeds at the edge of a receding tide and the demure distant marsh laying quiet under the setting sun quite energizing. The heat of the mid-day sun has transitioned into the cool, yet still muggy, early evening, creating an iridescent glow in the foreground, inviting us to wade out just a little further, as we listen to bullfrogs and feel the tiny waft from a passing dragonfly."

- Jen Evenhaus

Honorable Mentions

Winter's Edge by Marcie Cohen, #34

Saplings in the Snow
by Diane Fechenbach,

Forest Entry by Fran Dodd, #49

Looking West
by Honey Lea Gaydos,

Blues by Cynthia Haase, #83

San Miguel
by Shelley Howard,

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