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Our sincere thanks to our juror/judge Casey Klahn for his careful consideration and expertise!

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2020 Pastel Society of Colorado Online Show

Open to PSC Members & Non-Members
Show Co-Chairs: Sarah St. George & Jeannette Stutzman

April 6-June 6, 2020 (show will remain online until our next online show posts but sales will end June 6, 2020)

Show Juror & Awards Judge: Casey Klahn


Seeking a balance of color and form, and a unity of ideas.


Casey Klahn is an American artist who shows you new colors. His abstracted style and use of color embrace the expression of his personal ideas. Klahn has said, "I hope for you that my painting feels like nine months of rain, but with hope for tomorrow."


Casey Klahn was born in 1958 in Aberdeen, Washington and raised in Hoquiam, Washington.


Klahn works in pastel, mixed media, charcoal, and graphite. He teaches art workshops internationally and is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and a member of the Master's Circle of the International Association of Pastel Societies.


Visit to see his artwork and for more information.

Please enjoy reading the comments from our judge Casey Klahn...

Best of Show


The Dragon

11x14, $875
by Cory Goulet

"The abstract work by artist
Cory Goulet, The Dragon, shines with brilliant color used generously. The color design and gestural passages do not need any object to deliver the message of energy, and this powerhouse work roars for one's attention. Cory's painting is controlled action and the on-point asymmetry evokes what a perpetual motion machine might look like. Red, violet and blue comprehend one another well and white keys the lightness we crave in a painting of this genre. Watch this artist!"

First Place


Forest Bathing

16"x20", NFS

by Virginia Unseld


"In Forest Bathing, Virginia Unseld has given us a courageous design in which she has pieced different spaces together to make an abstracted landscape that needn't be any genre to succeed. It asks the viewers to rethink what they know about what the scene ought to be. Virginia inverts your visual reference points, but at the same time pleases you with a unified design. The small figure provides me with the proper sense of perspective and awe in the simple natural environment. It works, and it's different! Bravo!"


Second Place



6"x6", NFS
by Rita Kirkman


"Rita Kirkman's feline face pastel, titled Intent, has that sense of countenance any figurative artist wants, and there is never any question that this cat lives and has something to communicate to you. Her aptly balanced palette of secondaries stabilizes her subject, which is good because I am wondering if this kitty wants to pounce! The backlighting, rendered with brevity, energizes the cat and yet Rita's use of her triadic palette all over has me believing the space and the picture".


Third Place



13"x8", NFS

by Cheri Nobilette


"Lily, by Cheri Nobilette, is tremendously captivating and present in the contemporary sense. The subject fills the crop and feels like either a family member or a close friend. The warm half tones and reflected light are counterposed by the cool green context of the minimal background. The small amount of cast light is smartly proportioned and the signs of mastery are present in all of her choices. The loose application of pastel and gestural treatment make this work accessible and pleasing."


Ludwig Award


Hungry Cats

22"x30", NFS
by Yael Maimon


"Hungry Cats, by Yael Maimon, has a seemingly effortless mix of representation and abstraction. It could be cats eating or a simple abstract color and mark play; it doesn't matter! For Yael, composition is everything and I mean not just the linear design but the color design as well. Green and orange and violet, in high intensities, are keyed by blues of all kinds: dark but highly intense blues, turquoise blues and ultramarines. Don't forget that the subtle proportion of reddish neutrals both stabilizes and also allows for the conceptual dynamic of the five color composition. My hat is off to this artist."

Honorable Mentions

"Congratulations to the artists who received Honorable Mentions; your works stand out and place you among the best who work in pastels today. It was an honor and a delight to see every artwork in this annual exhibit. Please enjoy viewing all of them!"

Powell Rocks, 8"x6", $125

by Sarah Rose

Golden Hair, 21.25"x14.9", $2000

by Yuji Sakuma

Creativity Out of Confusion, 11.5"x12", $600

by Adrian Giuliani

Quiet Walk in the Dunes, 12"x12", $650

by Lorraine Trenholm

The Bidouze in Fall, 10"x10", $250

by Warren Zimmer

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